July 9th, 2010
06:00 PM ET

San Francisco considers banning sale of pets, except fish. Good idea?



FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

San Francisco has had its fair share of crazy ideas... but here's one that's not half bad.

The city is considering banning the sale of all pets, except fish.

That would mean everything... from cats and dogs to hamsters, mice, rats, parrots, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, lizards... and on and on. The city's commission of animal control and welfare calls all these critters "companion animals."

The chairwoman tells the San Francisco chronicle that people buy small animals all the time as an "impulse buy"... they don't think about what they're getting into. and after the people decide they no longer want the animals, they often wind up at a shelter or euthanized.

Hamsters are apparently the biggest problem. People buy them because they think they're cute and cuddly... but quickly change their mind once the rodents start biting them or racing around on their exercise wheels in the middle of the night.

The proposed ban - believed to be the first of its kind - would require San Francisco residents who want a pet to either go to another city, adopt one from a shelter, or find it in the classifieds.

Pet store owners are up in arms - they call it a terrible idea and say they'd have to go out of business. Other critics call it an "anti-pet proposal from people who oppose the keeping of pets."

At a hearing last night, city officials decided to table the measure for now.

Here’s my question to you: San Francisco is considering banning the sale of pets, except fish. Good idea?
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