August 20th, 2009
01:00 PM ET

How can Obama regain momentum on health care debate?

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

The White House may have dropped the ball on the health care debate. For a candidate who ran a campaign that was so tight and on-message - President Obama has been taking some heat for how he's handling this one.

The administration has recently come under attack from both the right and the left on health care. Conservatives have gone after the so-called death panels... along with the potential for rationing care under the president's plan.

Liberals are also fired-up - once it appeared the administration might be backing away from the public option. They tell their supporters it's not real reform unless there's a public option.

With both sides engaged - Pres. Obama is now trying to rally his grassroots supporters... asking them to "knock on doors, talk to neighbors, spread the facts" on health care.

The president is also pushing back against critics with tougher words, calling some of their accusations ludicrous. He describes the idea of a death panel as "an extraordinary lie."

Mr. Obama says the plan doesn't provide insurance to illegal aliens and it doesn't represent a government take over of health care.

Some wonder why the president didn't motivate his network of 13-million activists sooner. After all, it certainly worked for him in the election.

Here’s my question to you: What does President Obama have to do to regain momentum on the health care debate?

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