January 12th, 2009
04:01 PM ET

More Than a Third of Americans are Obese

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

There are now more obese Americans than those who are merely overweight.

A new Federal report says that 34% of Americans are now obese.

A new Federal report says that 34% of Americans are now obese as compared to the 32.7% who are overweight. More than one third of all Americans, 72 million people, are obese.

Among the objectives set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services for the year 2010 is to reduce obesity to less than 15% of the adult population. To say they've got their work cut out for them is a gross understatement. It's now 2009 and the numbers are moving in the wrong direction.

The rising rates of obesity aren't new. As a nation, we've been getting fatter and fatter for years. Health officials have warned us that obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses. The message is clear, eat healthy and exercise. But we don't listen and rather than shedding the pounds people are putting more on.

Here’s my question to you: What does it mean that more than a third of Americans are obese?

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January 12th, 2009
03:02 PM ET

What Should Obama Do About Investigating Bush Administration Policies?

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

President-elect Barack Obama was asked if he plans to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate certain Bush administration policies, most notably, wiretapping and torture.

In an interview on ABC, Obama seemed to waiver on an answer. You may remember that as a candidate he condemned these practices and called them unjustified. Now he said he hasn't decided what he'll do.

What should he do?

The President-elect said he's not likely to launch a broad investigation into treatment of terrorism suspects and eavesdropping under the Bush administration. But He did say that prosecutions will proceed if the Justice Department finds that laws were broken.

President-elect Obama said it's more important to look forward than back. Is it?

Mr. Obama is walking a fine line. He's trying to establish trust and make friends at the CIA and with conservatives in Congress. Both groups oppose an investigation into the Bush practices. But there is also pressure for the Bush administration to be held accountable, and there's already a measure in the house to create a commission to investigate detention and interrogation techniques under the outgoing administration.

Here’s my question to you: What should President-elect Barack Obama do when it comes to a broad investigation of Bush administration policies such as eavesdropping and torture?

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January 12th, 2009
02:55 PM ET

Does Bernard Madoff Belong in Jail?

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

Bernie Madoff, accused of stealing $50-billion from investors, will be allowed to remain free on bail thanks to the misguided sense of justice of U.S. Magistrate Ronald Ellis. Well, not exactly free. Madoff's under house arrest in his $7-million Manhattan Penthouse apartment while awaiting trial.

Should Madoff be in jail right now?

Last month Madoff allegedly confessed to masterminding a $50-billion Ponzi scheme that cost countless victims their life savings and badly wounded many of the nation's charities. Today's decision came after prosecutors charged that Madoff violated his bail by sending millions of dollars worth of jewelry to family and friends to keep it out of the reach of his victims.

People arrested for selling a few bags of dope in New York City are often sent to rot on Riker's Island until their trial. But Bernie Madoff is spending his days in his $7-million penthouse while his lawyers build his defense and his victims wonder how to pay their bills. Only in America.

Here’s my question to you: Does accused $50 billion swindler Bernard Madoff belong in jail until his trial?

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