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Are Palin’s interviews with Couric helping her?

Part III of the Couric-Palin interview will air tonight.

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

Last Friday, we ran a piece of tape from an interview Governor Sarah Palin did with "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric. She was asked about the bailout package. Palin rambled on incoherently for nearly a minute about trade, jobs, health care... Everything but the bailout package.

That segment of the Cafferty File was posted on YouTube and as of today has received more than one million, one hundred thousand hits.

Watch: Jack Cafferty's YouTube Clip

Well guess what? She's ba-ack. Palin did another interview with Couric in which she was asked about the first interview.

Palin responded, “Well, not only am I ready, but willing and able to serve as vice president with Senator McCain if Americans so bless us and privilege us with the opportunity of serving them, ready with my executive experience as a city mayor and manager, as a governor, as a commissioner, a regulator of oil and gas.”

Here’s my question to you: Is Sarah Palin helping her chances by continuing to do interviews with Katie Couric?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Karen from Missouri writes:
No, and she didn't do the interview with Katie Couric. Palin AND McCain did the interview. He didn't even let her answer many of the questions that she was supposed to answer. Palin always has the same answer. She sounds like a wind-up doll. Oil and gas regulator? Excuse me?

Liz from Tucson, Arizona writes:
I have no doubt she fits right in in Alaska, but not on the World stage. McCain should not have asked her. If she were a sincere and honest person she would not have accepted the place on the ticket. That was clearly not a decision for the betterment of the nation.

Trudy writes:
Within 3 minutes, you reminded me why I don't watch the opinionated news on CNN. It's difficult for the Republican Party to run against Obama and the entire broadcast media. Your condescending attitude toward Sarah Palin is another example of the lockstep left trying to portray a Republican as less intelligent.

Saar from Tel Aviv, Israel writes:
In the 1970's, Bette Midler said it best, and this is what John McCain must believe too. Midler said: "Of course I have standards. They may be exceedingly low but I do have standards.”

K. from Tallahassee, Florida writes:
I think she made it worse in the second interview. She had to bring Daddy McCain to help her. She looks like she can't talk to the press on her own.

Carolyn from New York writes:
Jack, I agree with you completely. I have never before felt frightened for my country, but the idea of Sarah Palin becoming President is truly beyond belief. John McCain put our national interest in last place when making this selection. Country first? Far from it!

Kev writes:
Katie Couric very well may be saving the United States and perhaps the World from the idiotic words of Sarah Palin. Can you imagine four years of her? I'm not sure she is qualified to be the Governor of Alaska. It's great though. You couldn't write this stuff.