Cafferty File

What will you look for at the Presidential debates?

CNNs most recent polls have Obama at 49% and McCain at 44%.

FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

With the polls tightening, the stakes for the upcoming presidential debates are getting higher. The first of three debates is set for this Friday in Mississippi. Despite all that is already known about John McCain and Barack Obama, presidential debates are famous for sometimes producing a moment that will change the outcome of the election. The pressure is definitely on.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Obama's advisers are looking for ways for Obama to provoke McCain's anger or to show that he's out of touch with the average American. McCain's advisers are coaching McCain to pounce on certain phrases Obama may say like "as I’ve said before..." A McCain aid told The Journal Obama uses that phrase on occasions where he's actually changed his mind.

The first debate was supposed to cover domestic issues, but both campaigns agreed to change it to foreign policy. McCain's camp feels foreign policy is his strong suit. Obama's advisers want to hold off on a domestic issues debate because they believe Obama will have the upper hand in that discussion.

Here’s my question to you: What will you be looking for when you watch the debates?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Anne from Seattle writes:
I'm looking for a revealing engagement that may encourage voters to take off their blinders. After all this isn't a game show or a soap opera but rather a significant glimpse into America's future.

Pam writes:
I'll be watching to see how much aggression versus diplomacy I hear from John McCain and how much actual knowledge Barack Obama has.

Tom from Pasadena, California writes:
I want Obama to bring up the fact that John McCain remains the only presidential candidate to have been formally reprimanded by the Senate Ethics Committee for exercising "poor judgment". If this happened to Obama, the Republicans would be beating him over the head with it.

Gene writes:
If Obama gives even one intelligent answer, I'll be looking for his teleprompter.

Brian writes:
The Obama-McCain debate? Boring. But Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden? I can hardly wait! What a train wreck that will be. I'm already laughing.

Russ from Johnston, Iowa writes:
I'll be looking for millions of voters to wise-up, and realize that both Republicans and Democrats have gotten us into the situation we are in, they are really not much different, and it's time to vote for someone other than a donkey or an elephant.

JD from North Carolina writes:
I'm going to look for a little radio unit under McCain's coat.