Cafferty File

Does Congress deserve month-long vacation?


FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:

Our Congress should be ashamed of itself.

Despite getting nothing done about the issues troubling millions of Americans – like energy costs, high gasoline prices, offshore drilling – Congress is going to take a month-long vacation starting tomorrow.

In the Senate, Republicans have been blocking any other legislation until they get a vote on drilling. And since the Democrats' prospects seem pretty good for November, they don't want to cave in to the Republicans' demands to vote on drilling now, months before a new administration and Congress. To hell with what the public needs or wants…how can we turn the oil drilling issue into a political advantage for ourselves?

Iowa Republican Charles Grassley may have put it best when he called the Senate "constipated” and said it could use a good dose of laxatives.

If you're tempted to vote for an incumbent this fall, remember this: Congress plans to be out of town until after the political conventions end, returning to Washington September the 8th. If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had any guts they'd cancel the vacation and keep Congress in session until some of these issues are resolved.

It's no surprise the American people are disgusted with the whole lot of them. A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll puts Congress' approval rating at 22%. And that's high. Other polls have the rating as low as 9%.

This poll also shows 76% of Americans say things are going badly in our country. Only three times in the past have Americans been so discouraged about the state of our affairs: Watergate, the Iran hostage crisis and the economic downturn of 1992.

Here’s my question to you: In light of its many accomplishments, does Congress deserve a month-long vacation?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Stacy from Virginia writes:
Jack, Congress does deserve a month off but they should not go on vacation. They should have to meet with their constituents daily to hear how congressional failings are putting the working people of this country in jeopardy. Then, they might be motivated to come back and really do something.

David from Alexandria, Virginia writes:
Heck no, Jack! We have an energy crisis, a financial crisis, an immigration crisis, Social Security and health care issues - and that's just the stuff their constipation hasn't let them fix in the past 30 years. These are the same folks that vilified the Iraqi legislature for taking a couple of weeks off before they finished rebuilding their whole damn government.

PJ from Seattle writes:
If all Americans would do as I have done for the last 5 elections, the government would be listening to us. If "incumbent" follows the name, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. If a candidate has no political background; is a housewife, accountant, or anything but a lawyer, vote for them. There would be no more life-long senators, congressmen, etc. They would not dare take weeks off and refuse to allow bills to reach a vote!

Taylor writes:
Politics at an all-time low. Whatever depths their approval rating is currently, it's more than they deserve. I wonder how many plane tickets and gallons of high octane gas they'll use to fill their luxury vehicles as they trot off to an unearned vacation. Where is the will of the people in this decision? The leaders will rue this day.

Tommy from St. Louis writes:
Must be nice. Meanwhile, I have to do double shifts just so my wife and I can get by.

John from Bethel, Connecticut writes:
Think of it for a minute: Where can they do the least harm: in Washington or on vacation?